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Dent Made

As New England Patriot faithful, we at Giving Click are loath to reminisce about Super Bowl XX. However, we will note that its MVP, defensive end Richard Dent, recently held a fund-raiser for his Make a Dent Foundation, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.


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Bickerstaff on Corporate Philanthropy

From ABC News, an interview with George Bickerstaff of The Global Leaders, who discusses the value and importance of corporate philanthropy.

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Gates Pushing Investment in African Farms

Politico reports that Bill Gates was in Washington yesterday lobbying for increased aid to help poor farmers in Africa increase productivity. The billionaire philanthropist is framing the funding not as charity, but as an investment:

“This … has nothing to do with the old aid model of donors and recipients,” Gates said. “This is about catalyzing a business opportunity with enlightened investments.”

Gates promoted the Global Agricultural and Food Security Program, an initiative his foundation is funding — to the tune of $1.7 billion — to essentially turn small African farms into mini-businesses.

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Headline Oversells Social Media Angle

The Nonprofit Quarterly reports how Missouri Foundation for Health is using social media to reach grantees following the devastating Joplin tornadoes.

In fact, because communications are so spotty since the storm hit, the foundation is still unsure of the fate of some of their grantees – small clinics, domestic violence programs, and behavioral health facilities – that were in the path of the tornado. Since early Monday morning the foundation has tried hard to make sure that all grantees – and even non-grantees – know that they are ready and willing to make emergency grants to them for health related needs.

Well, the foundation is talking with different elected officials via Twitter. Other than that, we didn’t see much information in the story itself about social media. However, it’s a good report indicating the difficulties faced by those responding to the Missouri tornadoes.

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Tanglible CSR Builds Customer Loyalty

AdAge tackles the ever-present question for corporate philanthropy: Does Corporate Social Responsibility Build Customer Loyalty? They highlight a new study suggesting that it does, and more importantly how:

All four dimensions of CSR performance — environmental friendliness, treating employees fairly, community support, sourcing from local growers and suppliers — positively influence consumers’ attitudes toward a retailer. But consumers seem to modify their purchase behavior only when the CSR domain directly affects their actual experience with the company or brand.

Looking out for the environment is nice and all, but customer loyalty starts closer to home, with things like touting local products of treating employees well – “actions related directly to the products and people that consumers face.”

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Is CSV the New CSR?

A member of the (UK) Guardian‘s sustainable business advisory panel, John Elkington, writes about his own concerns over “creating shared value,” a new model of corporate social responsibility, noted previously here and being aggressively touted by Nestle, most recently at its CSV 2011 event in Washington, DC.

Elkington focuses on remarks made at the event by Harvard’s Michael Porter, who argues that traditional CSR is “well meaning…well intentioned, but ultimately…doesn’t have enough impact” and have devolved into mere “compliance regimes.” Elkington seems to agree that some reform in CSR is needed, but suggests that Porter is being a bit disingenuous:

It is immensely heartening when such a towering figure puts his shoulder to the wheel. But – and there are several buts. Among them: Porter chose to tear into a version of the CSR agenda at the CSV 2011 event that some found hard to recognise…Recognise, too, that CSV is unlikely to pick up some of the really thorny CSR issues, including human rights or bribery and corruption.

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Young Philanthropists Encouraged

Encouraging other young people to do the same, the Denver Post‘s Bruce DeBoskey celebrates 24-year-old Denver native Jessica Posner and her efforts on behalf of one community in Africa.

With limited resources, [Shining Hope for Communities (] opened the area’s first free school for girls and, in just a few years, has created a gardening program; a library; an Internet-ready computer center; ecologically friendly latrines that convert waste to methane gas, which can be used for cooking and electricity; income-generating projects for women living with HIV/AIDS; and Kibera’s first accessible community health center, staffed by a full-time nurse.

Older generations handing off family philanthropic efforts to a younger generation is an issue often discussed. Here, DeBoskey encourages young people to enlist their elders in their infant charitable efforts.

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