Aloha State Charities Can’t Take Up Slack

March 13, 2011 at 5:20 PM Leave a comment

Add Hawaii to the list of states which will have to wrestle with the roles of government and the nonprofit sector, if we can judge from Hawaii Community Foundation president Kelvin Taketa’s editorial in the Star-Advertiser:

What is clear…is that there are no sacred cows left in our federal, state and county governments’ scramble to balance their budgets. As Gov. Neil Abercrombie has put it, we will all need to sacrifice to make it work. Certainly, the conversation needs to consider what services are essential to our community and how best to deliver them, regardless of the impact on any given nonprofit organization.

Taketa goes on to point out ways in which the nonprofit sector is not well positioned to take up all the slack of slashed state budgets. For example, nonprofits tend to provide services not otherwise funded; resources to fill a sudden vacuum aren’t there.

While Hawaii residents are among the most generous in the country, charitable dollars coupled with foundation and corporate giving represents substantially less than half of the total revenue for the sector. Simply put, government action trumps generosity.


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