Beer, Philanthropy, Facebook, and More

January 27, 2011 at 9:52 PM Leave a comment

Life is full of so many wonderful things: Beer, football, philanthropy, television. But rarely does fate afford us the opportunity to see so many of these things combined into one amazing corporate philanthropy promotion:

Miller High Life appears to be replacing its Super Bowl ad buy with some goodwill marketing. The brand has announced a philanthropic campaign called “Official Beer of You,” where viewers of drinking age can sign a contract at

There, visitors who fill out a form (e-mail, home address, phone number, etc.) can donate $1 to Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, or the participants can have a $1 coupon mailed to themselves. Either way, they will be entered into a drawing to play a role either in a Miller High Life TV ad or on the brand’s Facebook page.

Wait a minute. Are the ads playing during the Super Bowl or not? And when I go to the site I have to choose what to do with my dollar. Okay, but why would I pay a dollar for a $1 coupon instead of just spending the money on beer? And then there’s a drawing, but there are two prizes?

Okay, we’re confused by this promotion, and we haven’t even had any “Official Beer of Us” yet.


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