Two Haiti Initatives

January 11, 2011 at 7:14 PM

Yesterday’s news included stories of two recent relief efforts in Haiti.

  • The Christian Science Monitor profiles Jim Ansara, a Massachusetts construction magnate who is donating both money and time to build a hospital. The project, the largest post-earthquake construction effort to date, is being done with hospital nonprofit Partners in Health.
  • The Gates Foundation and the US government are working on more societal structural help for Haiti, contributing to a project to allow people in the impoverished and earthquake-stricken country to use their mobile phones for banking, reports All Things Digital.

While this second project might sound a bit abstract given immediate needs like hospitals, cell phones do represent a crucial technological lifeline in third-world countries. Foreign Policy’s recent blurb on the Nokia 1100 – the “most important cell phone on the planet” – suggests this in lively fashion.


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