WSJ Affiliate to Examine Philanthropy in India

January 10, 2011 at 10:38 PM

Wall Street Journal partner paper Mint, covering business news in India, today inaugurates a new 10-week series on the “business of doing good.” The first column, by series guest editor Rohini Nilekani, describes the need for a critical look at philanthropy in India today:

The onus [is] squarely on the wealthy to prove that their riches serve everyone well and not just themselves. Their work and philanthropy becomes a subject of national importance, especially in a country where such glaring inequity still prevails…[I]t is only recently that such questions are being asked of our newly wealthy citizens. This is a very good thing. It will make the rich among us think harder, plan better and give more.

The paper will publish two columns a week for the ten-week series. The second is by Sonia Gandhi; she stresses the moral obligation of the quickly growing number of super-wealthy Indians to give more away, and urges social and structural changes be made to encourage philanthropy.



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