Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Rural Daycare Centers

January 8, 2011 at 3:43 PM

At the Huffington Post, an interview with Paul von Zielbauer, whose Roadmonkey “adventure philanthropy” company promises to take clients “off the tourist path…[to] complete a meaningful…volunteer project that directly benefits local people and communities in need.”

Recent excursions have included building a playground near Vietnam’s Cambodian border and pausing Peruvian whitewater rafting to erect a rural daycare facility. It seems the trick is finding that balance between need and scenery:

“Not every country is Roadmonkey territory — in fact, most aren’t. But Albania, for instance, puts you right next to Italy and it’s got Alps, incredibly [sic] backcountry, wildlife, cave diving, but it’s undeveloped and has a lot of need.”


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