Pepsi Crowdsourcing Gamed?

January 5, 2011 at 11:10 PM

The Giving Click has previously highlighted concerns that crowdsourced philanthropy – allowing customers to vote online to choose where a company’s donations go – could be gamed.

Now, some disappointed nonprofits are claiming they lost out for that very reason in the Pepsi Refresh crowdsourcing effort, reports the New York Times:

A few nonprofit groups say that recent winners have used a mysterious service to propel themselves into the winning ranks, and complain that the practice breaks Pepsi’s ban on proxy voting and on votes from international locations.

The claim is that some competing nonprofits are working with a mysterious figure known only as “Mr. Magic,” who may or may not be generating fraudulent votes for a cut of the proceeds, and who seems to be represented stateside by a man in Baton Rouge. Entertaining reading.


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