Benefactor, Recipient Profiled

January 4, 2011 at 9:09 PM

Posh British quarterly Spear’s Wealth Management Survey inaugurates a new column called The Giver and the Gift. In each installment, the magazine talks first to a philanthropist, then to his recipient.

Currently, Dame Stephanie Shirley discusses her longstanding support of the Oxford Internet Institute (OII). As she describes it, her giving follows several best practices.

For example, focus on a very few subjects near and dear to you: “I concentrate on the things I know and care about: IT, my professional discipline, and autism, my late son’s disorder.”

She also takes a entrepreneurial approach:

I like starting things, so giving strategically is something I enjoy. When I first supported the [OII], the first thing I did was to fund a feasibility study. When I knew that it could become self-sufficient, I gave £10 million over five years.

Professor William Dutton of the OII then describes the impact of Dame Shirley’s gift.




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