UK Government Seeking Pound Notes, Loose Change, Bad Checks, Anything

December 29, 2010 at 7:10 PM

Across the pond, David Cameron’s government has unveiled a plan to encourage charitable giving by annoying you every time you use your ATM card, reports the Daily Telegraph:

Banks are to adopt a system that allows people to make a small donation to charity whenever they withdraw cash.

The Government also wants shops to offer customers the opportunity to ’round up the pound’ when using a debit or credit card, with the extra money going to charity.

The problem with this sort of thing is, which charities get the money? Are people really going to wait patiently in queue (a “queue” is a British line) while you puzzle over which charity to give your pence, shillings, or possibly quid(?) to?  Actually, that’s the rather large hole in Government’s plan:

It was not clear last night how the schemes would work and whether people would be able to specify which charities they wish to support through the automatic donations — or whether they would be given a menu of options.

Even if it’s a menu, which charities get on the menu? Politically well-connected ones, I suppose. I just see a lot of problems with government-coerced giving – even leaving aside the problem of “coerced giving.”


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