Unspecified Bear Saved

December 26, 2010 at 12:14 PM

More good works from the Big Apple’s well-to-do, courtesy the New York Times:

We are saving panda bears here tonight, right?‘ asked Waris Ahluwalia, the jewelry designer. ‘Arden [Wohl] specifically told me that, if I showed up, I would save at least one panda bear.’

Sadly, it turns out that Arden and the Endangered Species Coalition were holding an awareness-raising, cupcake-themed event focused on North American species, including the polar bear. One of the organizers explained the mistake is an easy one, as “there is no animal more charismatic than the panda.”

Either way, a bear of some sort was presumably saved by the event. Passion for change, like that of the aforementioned Ms. Wohl, can’t help but have a big impact:

She wore a red beret, miniskirt, patterned tights and red suede oxford shoes. ‘Coming from New York and privilege, you can’t just sit on the world and let it fall apart’

‘I want to go to Manitoba and see all the polar bears,’ she added.

The polar bears could not be reached for comment.


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