Gates-Funded Health Initiative Assessed

December 26, 2010 at 12:03 PM

The Grand Challenges in Global Health is a partnership of the Gates Foundation and several health- and research-related organizations; its aim is to fund research into solving fourteen global health challenges, e.g., finding vaccines that don’t require refrigeration.

In an excellent article from last week, the New York Times assesses the progress made my this initiative, trying to gauge its impact since Bill Gates’s call for ideas 5 years ago.

In an interview, Mr. Gates sounded somewhat chastened, saying several times, ‘We were naïve when we began….I thought: “Wow — we’ll have a bunch of thermostable vaccines by 2010.” But we’re not even close to that. I’d be surprised if we have even one by 2015.’

The Times looks at several specific projects in detail, noting some failures and some which have attracted greater funding. Credit Gates with being forthright in admitting to slow progress, and to the initiative for allowing transparency enough for this report.


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