Random Giving – Poignant or Pointless?

December 18, 2010 at 4:15 PM

It seems that up in the greater Keene, New Hampshire area, one or more parties is handing out $100 bills to (pleasantly) surprised shoppers. So says an editorial in the Keene Sentinel. (In case you’re wondering, the paper comes down fearlessly on the “pro” side of the whole free money debate.)

We’re not sure what to think. Should these generous but indiscriminate gifts be applauded? Or should we instead play Grinch and complain that these hundreds would better serve the community if given to a nonprofit which targets their aid to those who truly need it?

First and foremost, whoever is doing this is giving away his own money, with which he is free to do as he wishes. And perhaps it’s not only money he’s spreading, but a feeling of generosity that might spur further giving. Go for it, money man.


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