Big Picture View of Giving Around the World

December 13, 2010 at 9:24 PM

Tara Loader Wilkinson offers a fascinating survey of philanthropy in different countries around the world. She points out that the American model which has worked so well here doesn’t necessarily translate to other cultures:

When US philanthropists Bill Gates and Warren Buffett visited China in September to encourage the nation’s billionaires to donate more, critics said the response was less than enthusiastic.

[Northern Trust’s Marguerite] Griffin adds: ‘In China there is an ingrained sense of the collective over the individual. The extremely wealthy in China prefer to do their bit without any fanfare. Finding an alternative model which sits comfortably with the national mentality is the challenge now.’

She follows with a profile of several countries from different continents, listing amounts given, naming notable donors, and discussing how the country’s tax policies may effect giving.


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